What Does Radiolevity Mean?

My username everywhere online is radiolevity. It doesn’t really mean anything in particular—I was inspired by my radio-spectrum astronomy research, my love of radio and podcasts, and my general desire to keep things lighthearted. But at a certain point, I just wanted something that was easy to say, spell, and remember. I made my radio logo by those same principles.

Another advantage is that my name is rather common, especially in Europe. This makes my username slightly more recognizable than if I just used my name. Furthermore, much to my chagrin, I cannot get “finnjames” as a username on most of the major platforms anymore.

Lastly, I appreciate when someone has a consistent handle across many platforms, because it means you can appreciate their work and find their voice in a number of different contexts. This has the associated effect of degrading one’s anonymity—my real name is deliberately very easy to find if you have my username—but this is not necessarily a bad thing. I appreciate that by linking my name to a specific username I can more easily take credit and pride in my work without worrying too much.