All New Site

As much as Jekyll + GitHub Pages served me well for my old static site, I have decided to take the plunge into a modern framework-based version. This site is made in the excellent SvelteKit. It isn’t done, yet. At time of this writing, the “Posts” page still needs some work. With that said, I am very happy with how the new site is working out.

I made a point with this rewrite to use as little code from the original version as possible. The only elements brought over are the SCSS that generates the Markdown-esque header markers and the click-to-copy email button on the home page.

The new version of this site is hosted on Vercel, using the shockingly simple-to-use Svelte-Vercel adapter. I’ve been really impressed with how simple and easy Vercel is to use.

Why SvelteKit?

I have been wanting to learn to use Svelte for a while now. I’ve been using Vue for over a year now, and while I really like its functionality and wide support, I also like Svelte’s opinionated approach to organization and syntax. Furthermore, I wanted to try a static site generator framework and with SvelteKit nearing a 1.0 release, I figured now was as good a time as any.

Next (lol) on the docket are Next.js and Astro.

So what’s left?

I am trying some new stuff with this site. I want to add a lot more details before I really consider it to be “done.” One big example is dark mode support. I would like to be able to choose “Auto” in addition to the current Light/Dark toggle. Another one (as I mentioned above) is that I want the blog section to get some more attention. It’s pretty basic right now, which is fine, but I want to enable photos, code snippets, interactive elements, searching articles, etc. I also think it would be cool to have some sort of dashboard for editing my site. Right now the whole site is made by me, so I’d either have to find a dashboard/CMS to connect up or write my own. In the mean time I suppose I’ll be using just VSCode.